Power of 'Empowering' people

The Power of Empowering People

We live in a fast-paced society named the21st century. Ideas, invention and new systems of doing things arebeing born at an unimaginable speed. For governments, businesses, localcommunity units or a single person to be able to cope, we need a powerful fuelthat will enable us to catch up to that speed. That fuel is empowerment.

What is empowerment?

The core of empowerment revolves aroundthe value of faith, support, appreciation, accountability and confidence.When we empower people, ourselves included, we multiply our performance, productivityand commitment by fueling us with trust, autonomy over their ability andgratitude over the smallest achievements.

It is a process that often happens top-down-superior positions offering it to the ones down the flight. Although,empowerment is something that can be applied in a flat or horizontal structure.I can empower my team the same way that they can empower me and the rest of ourteam members.

Empowerment can happen at any point intime of our daily lives. The very first people that we can empower are theclosest to us- our families and friends. Next are the people that we bump withon our way to work- the cab or bus driver, security personnel in our building, thebarista in our favorite coffee shop. Then the people that we spend most of ourdays with- our team, colleagues, boss.

The highest of Maslow’s hierarchal pyramidof needs is self-actualization. This need is being fulfilled whenwe are given the freedom over our potential to be creative and unleash the bestthat we can do.  Empowering people ishelping them realize that and achieve a need that is essential to our being.

What do we gain when we empower other people?

Empowerment is a two-way street; itreflects back to people who give them away. When we entrust people of controlover their ability to be creative and come up with their best & brightest,we are fueling not only their success, but also ours. A person who feels inspired and motivated by you will naturally feel the need to reciprocate.Thus, empowering someone will result in them wanting to help you achieve your own goals and have the support that you are willingly giving them. Other great examples of results of empowering one person are below. All of these are not only applicable in the workplace but also extends outside of it and into the community.

  • Initiative and volunteerism.
    An empowered individual who sees support from his/ her superiors or merely, the people around them will gobeyond what is expected of them.
  • Synergism.
    A group or team who feels entitled to their objectives are empowered to own it and success will surely follow.
  • Innovation.
    In a fast-paced society, without innovation, businesses andindividuals are more likely to fall behind. Our freedom to think and executeinnovative ideas is what’s going to boost us to catch up. Coming up with waysto make things easier and more effective will not only increase, but rather multiply, what we can achieve in an hour, day or year.  
  • Commitment.
    A society,family, business or team is the strongest when its foundations are strong. Through empowering each single building block, you are basically building a league of loyalist.
  • Trust and Support.
    It is safe to say that an empowered culture is a synonym fora high-trust culture. Without trust, people will hold back their ideas thatwill domino to the lack of innovation, synergism and other essentials ofsuccess.
  • Confidence.
    It enables us to do things that we initially thought we cannot. Confidence is contagious. When we are confident with ourselves and in what we can do, the people around us are more likely to feel that too. Confidence can also be given. The formula is to mix it with faith and support.


How do we harness the power of empowering people?

Just like in anything, communications play an important role. Before bringing people in under your wings or around you,you have to know what their visions are and communicate yours, too.

Vision will keep you on the same track. But, is empowering people that complicated that we have to always be vigilant about being on the same & safe track?

Anything that is out of balance will soon produce the downsides. Because empowerment is a careful mix of mentoring and delegation,an excess in each will mean something else. An excess in mentoring shows too much support and lack of trust. It can be seen as spoon-feeding or micromanaging and can convey a feeling of always being watched. An excess in delegation shows giving away too much responsibility from you to them. Too many responsibilities can overwhelm a person and just result in a downturn of their capacity.

Conclusion: What is the Power of Empowering People?

The power is within the people. The power is the people. Empowerment is just a tool that helps unleash in us our full competency. What better way to do that than to feel inspired to do something within your values, feel motivated to own your path to success, and feel supported by the people that matters.

Leenna Jayachaandran

Sales & Transformation advisor

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