Sales Talent Assessment

Talent is a critical part of your sales business

From senior leadership to frontline sales, talent is a critical component of sales success. Sales leaders must excel at recruiting new talent while helping existing teams live up to their potential. You need a sustainable sales talent strategy for hiring which focuses on data drive, development, coaching, performance management and engagement.

TRANSDEFY's approach to sales talent assessment tools help you collect data on sellers’ capabilities and potential. It helps identify and measure seller traits that directly correlate to successful performance. Once you’ve identified innate seller characteristics using the assessment tool leverage Competence Mapping Capabilities to define and prioritize the skills critical for sales success.

61% ofemployees say the realities of their new job differ from expectations setduring the interview process.(Glassdoor)
We know that unrealistic and unclear expectations cause resentmentstherefore we ensure job descriptions, Job Roles and behavioral competencies areclearly understood, setting clear expectations right from the start.
61% ofemployees say the realities of their new job differ from expectations setduring the interview process.(Glassdoor)

Our assessment solutions quantifythe talents of your team, your leadership and your prospective candidates,enabling you to build and execute a holistic talent strategy. 

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